Picking a Proper Power Supply for Your Rig

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Picking a power supply is not a very hard endeavor as long as you know what you are looking for. There are 3 main styles of power supplies.

  1. Non-Modular

Non-Modular power supplies typically come with all wires already attached to it.

The downside of these power supplies is that wire management can be very annoying with all the extra wires that you might not need. When your wire management is poor the airflow in your rig can get restricted, leading to higher temperatures on your GPUs, which can be detrimental to your hash rate and the life span of your rig.

Only real plus side I see to these is that all the wires are attached so you have less chance of missing a wire.


2. Semi-Modular

With these power supplies typically only the essential wires (Motherboard,4+4 CPU, and one VGA) are usually attached to it.

They do come with slots and the wires to attach everything else and usually come at a cheaper price tag then fully modular power supplies. Typically wire management is not worse then fully modular power supplies so getting two of these per rig can save you a ton of money in the long run. The usual power supply that is suggested to new miners is the EVGA 1300 G2. A great PSU but costs around 300-400 dollars. Two 750 watt EVGA or similar PSUs will typically run you around 250-270~ dollars which is many days saved of ROI time.

-link to PSUs to show price diff-




3. Fully Modular

Corsair 1000 watt power supply

Modular power supplies come with no wires already attached to it, but are included with it.

This allows for a lot of freedom when it comes to wire management and

creating proper airflow to your rig. The only real downside is the cost, although the cost difference is nothing to write home about it does add up when you are trying to pay off your expensive rig.





4. Server Power Supplies

I need to tell you about these because I found about them late in my mining career and really wish I had bought these instead when I started. They are not for all set ups but can help you manage wires VERY efficiently. The price point is usually better depending on what kind of GPU.

If you wish to learn more about server power supplies.

80+ Gold rated? 80+ Bronze rated? Learn more about PSU power ratings  -click here-

Confused about Voltage and Wattage? We got you covered.


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